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Partner References with TopSec Modules or BREAL Algorithms

TopSec modules and BREAL algorithms are implemented in customer applications like money transporters, time and access control terminals, person entrances, cash terminals, multifunctional printers, elevator control and others worldwide

Fingerprint Sprockhövel

Fingerprint Sprockhövel / Time attendance terminal / Compudata Info Electronic GmbH

Compudata Info Electronic GmbH /TopSec FingerPrint Module in time attendance terminals in Sprockhövel Germany
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Fingerprint Sao Paulo

Fingerprint Sao Paulo / Cash Terminals / ITAUTEC

ITAUTEC - TopSec Fingerprint Scanner in cash terminals in Sao Paulo Brazil
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Fingerprint Sao Paulo

Fingerprint Sao Paulo / elevators / ATLAS Schindler

ATLAS Schindler - TopSec fingerprint module in elevator control systems in Sao Paulo Brazil
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Fingerprint Schwäbisch Gmünd

Fingerprint Schwäbisch Gmünd / person entrances / Wincor Visio GmbH

Wincor Visio GmbH - TopSec FingerPrint Module in person entrances for banking infrastructure in Schwäbisch Gmünd
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Fingerprint Ludwigsfelde

Fingerprint Ludwigsfelde / Money Transporter / APPRICH SECUR GmbH

APPRICH SECUR GmbH - TopSec Fingerprint modules in money transporter vehicles in Ludwigsfelde
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Fingerprint Hannover

Fingerprint Hannover / Secure Printing / RICOH Deutschland GmbH

RICOH Germany GmbH - Secure Printing in multifunctional printers with fingerprint recogition in Hannover
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Fingerprint Hemsbach

Fingerprint Hemsbach / access control / AHB Electronic GmbH

Company AHB Electronic GmbH in Hemsbach/ Germany - access control solution with Fingerprint, RFID and PIN - highest user flexibility and security
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